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November 02, 2013

Gridwise turns 10, and rebrands.

Pawel Plaszczak, Prezes
Pawel Plaszczak

This Fall Gridwise turned 10. Over the past decade we learned a lot, and we helped many. We served clients and partners in 15 countries, contributed to the rise of Grid, Cloud, relational databases and warehouses, Business Intelligence, NoSQL, and Big Data. We served as workplace to many fantastic people.

In 2003, Gridwise was established simultaneously in Poland and the USA. We purchased the domain “gridwisetech.com” to signal our international presence. In those times, the domestic demand for our big data skills wasn’t strong in Poland. We were mainly serving the foreign markets. To many clients, our American presence was more important than the Polish one.

Today, this balance has changed. Poland, in the European Union since 2004, is one of the largest and fastest growing markets on the continent. Multinationals massively locate their premises in Krakow and Warsaw. The technical maturity of Polish corporations equals the international standard, and their strong demand for database and analytical skills means we are needed here.

Initially, 100% of our business was overseas. While the Polish market matured, we received more and more domestic requests for service. Over the past 3 years, the majority of our clients were located in Poland. With this in mind, to highlight our Polish presence but also simplifiy our image, today we simplified our logo, Web domain and email addresses from (long) gridwisetech.com to (short) gridwise.pl

10 lat GridwiseTech - teraz Gridwise.pl

This brand modification does not involve any change in the corporate structure. For those of you doing business with us, our full legal name remains GridwiseTech Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością.

We are proud to continue serving you, our international clientele – as a Polish company, leveraging for you the crucial advantages of our location: highest quality of talent, reasonable pricing models, and the presence in the heart of vibrant European economy. 

Continue to call us with your needs: Oracle database, programming and analytical skills, IT outsourcing, and strategic participation in the EU programmes. 

Paweł Płaszczak


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