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January 13, 2015

Gridwise acquired by Red Stack Tech

Dear Friends, Partners and Clients,

On 18th December 2014, Gridwise got acquired by the British group Red Stack Tech. This announcement comes with great satisfaction.

11 years after inception, Gridwise developed into a well known, reputable data analytics and database service provider. Together with our staff, clients and partners, we created a growing healthy business.

Its loyal and dedicated personnel, trusting customers, transparent procedures and high service standards has meant Gridwise has been able to show significant growth in attracting customers from all over the globe. We have served clients in our homeland Poland and 15 other countries, totaling in some 200 commercial projects and cooperation with 30 universities. In 2014, again all (100%) clients decided to extend their contracts with Gridwise. We also saw a record 75% annual increase of the number of database maintenance contracts. Simultaneously, our Big Data team successfully delivered new innovative Data Analytics projects.

Two years ago we initiated partner dialogue with Red Stack Tech, owner of e-DBA, one of world’s most competent and leading database service providers, present in the UK, Australia and the USA.

e-DBA was recently named the Oracle Engineered Systems Partner of the Year in three simultaneous categories – UK, EMEA & Global.. Red Stack Tech, alike Gridwise is active in both (but not limited to) Data Analytics and Database Services. We were pleased that our efforts to build a healthy business were noticed worldwide. Red Stack Tech & Gridwise decided that in order to grow further and expand both their service capabilities, Gridwise become part of the Red Stack Tech group. This decision was taken with the full support of our staff and customers.

Red Stack Tech’s proposition enables us to leapfrog at least five years of growth & development.. We are now part of a group of over 100 employees serving over 100 clients every month. For customers , that means greater stability and reliability of service under professional management. For staff, this means personal skills development on larger and innovative projects. For our Polish office, this means substantial development. For myself, I am particularly fond of my new role within Red Stack Tech as Global Data Analytics Lead, promising better focusand development in the area of my personal interest.

Dear clients, staff, partners, supporters and friends of Gridwise – thank you. Without your long-lasting support, this wouldn’t have happenned. The time has come! Gridwise is no more. I wish you success in ongoing business with Red Stack Tech.

It is impossible to name all of you, but let me just mention a handful of names. Here’s the tip of the iceberg representing hundreds of people to whom I owe gratitude for the past 11 years of working with Gridwise: Rich Wellner, the co-founder. Carl Kesselman and Laura Pearlman, our first clients. Tomasz Mikołajczyk, the long-time CTO. The 2014 staff: Joanna Łączek, Andrzej Fijałkowski, Jaromir Bogacz, Marek Maroczkaniec, Michał Potręć, Sebastian Gatner, Grzegorz Poręcki. Our most recent clients: Jacek Drucker, Przemysław Uściński, Jacek Przerwa, Andrzej Ajdukiewicz, Jarosław Adamus, Jerzy Śliwiński, Tomasz Marszał, Michał Kudra, Maciej Gawrysiak, Maciej Łazęcki, Łukasz Guszcz – and their respective colleagues and teams. Friends and supporters: Wolfgang Gentzsch, Marek Dorohinicki, Marian Bubak, Michał Świerczyński, Keith Dobbs, Maciej Zakrzewicz, Wojtek Skotnicki, Grzegorz Bednarski, Jacek Czernecki and their teams. The acquirer: Alex Louth, Gary Seager and their team.

The Gridwise staff (50+), clients (200+), partners, contractors, friends who helped us during the past 11 years. Finally, our families who have supported us in both the good and bad times.

Thank you!

Paweł Płaszczak
Global Analytics Lead, Red Stack Tech
Until Dec 2014, President of Gridwise

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