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May 15, 2015

Getting Ready for the Red Stack Academy

As you know, my previous company Gridwise has been purchased by Red Stack Tech, a global platinum Oracle partner present in the UK, Australia, USA and now in Poland. Red Stack services daily 2600 databases including 62 Exadatas. I continue serving the company as Red Stack’s Global Analytics Lead and the coordinator of the local affairs. Red Stack acquired Gridwise for a reason. It is my hometown Kraków, Poland where we will soon see the launch of a new, exciting project: the Red Stack Academy.

Red Stack Academy is the long-term education project, fully funded by Red Stack. Starting Q4 2015, it will offer 12-months teaching curriculum for talented young individuals interested in becoming database professionals and handle operations of very large database systems. Participating students will receive monthly stipend and with ability to attend the Academy while continuing their daytime education. They will learn the architecture of relational databases, Oracle database maintenance, troubleshooting, backup and archiving, database migration, consolidation, lifecycle,  data replication, ETL, data warehousing, SQL, Engineered Systems and more. Selected graduates will be offered full-time positions at Red Stack Tech Krakow, at the prestigious Browar Lubicz office. The project will be initiated with a series of open lectures open to general public between 19 May – 12 June 2015.

I am excited to coordinate the launch of this project, with positive impact for Krakow’s economy, education and stopping the talent drain from Poland.

We invite universities, administration units, press and commercial networking associations to cooperate in the project, organizing the lectures together and discussing the curriculum content. Please contact: the local project coordinator at Red Stack Tech, Paweł Płaszczak: pawel.plaszczak – at - redstk.com

We invite talented individuals in Kraków, including students and professionals, to enroll in the Academy program. Do you understand the basics of IT, including the elementary Unix system administration and programming? Do want to grow your technical skills to become a certified Oracle expert within 12 to 24 months? Start by attending the Open Lectures, led by experts with 20 years of experience. There you will understand better the job of a Database Administrator (DBA), a Data Warehouse Architect, a Big Data Solutions Engineer or a Data Analyst. This will help you define your career path. Good luck, and see you soon!

If you do not live in Kraków, and still are interested in this project, please monitor our website - the lectures in English will soon be available online.