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About me, and why the big data matters

I am a software engineer by education, I have worked in several countries, I authored one book, and I have run an IT company for 11 years. Here you can find my short profile.

If you ended up here, you must be wondering why this blog was started. So here you go. Since the late 1990s I have been working on scalable systems. In 2003 I set up Gridwise, an IT services company addressing database and data scalability challenges for corporations and goverments worldwide. I was soon joined by a team of excellent engineers. Together, we have built collective knowledge on designing and building distributed, robust, and scalable IT systems, capable of handling large volumes of data and large processing.

After 11 quite passionate years in business, Gridwise has been purchased by Red Stack Tech, I stepped down as CEO and I continue to develop my interests in managing and understanding data as Red Stack's Global Analytics Lead.

That's really it. I hope this altogether will be useful to people. Feedback and discussion highly encouraged.

Pawel Plaszczak

If you feel like it, please do contact me.